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"As the Family Support RN at Parkland Hospital I have worked with Hannah in many patient situations over the years, most of which included caring for families grieving the loss of a child. Hannah has a way of making people feel seen and heard in the most difficult of circumstances. Her warm personality will lift anyone’s spirits but not in a way where she minimizes their grief. She is able to masterfully navigate a room of different emotions and can meet each family where they are. Her way with children creates a very special connection and bonds her to the family. She becomes a trusted guide through their grief journey and she allows families to lean on her when they are feeling the weight of the word on their shoulders.


I learned so much working alongside Hannah, but it was when I was in my own family crisis that I was really able to appreciate all that she has to offer. I experienced a very traumatic delivery of my first child prematurely at 29 weeks. Working in labor and delivery for 15 years never prepared me for what it would be like to be the patient in such a scary situation. Thankfully, Hannah quickly came to my bedside and calmed my fears about having a baby in the NICU. She brought her warm and cheerful personality and encouraged me that everything was going to be alright. Throughout my son’s 68 day stay in the NICU she decorated his room, celebrated milestones, let me cry on her shoulder as he battled NEC, and threw the best NICU graduation party I could imagine! Most of all, she was there for me when I started to experience postpartum depression and reassured me that I was the perfect mom for my sweet boy. Hannah is truly an amazing person and I would trust her with any family experiencing a life changing event to help them navigate their new normal"

Catherine, BSN. RNC-OB, CPLC & Mom


"I have had the privilege of witnessing Hannah walk side by side with many different NICU families through the hardest days of their lives. She has the ability to make each parent feel loved, seen and known from the moment she meets them, and provides support as they navigate how to make seemingly impossible decisions. She helps to create a bridge between the medical team and the family, and ensures each family's desires are made known and honored. You would be in the best hands to have Hannah on your team." 

Elizabeth, NICU RN


"Hannah, a truly down to earth, caring, charismatic human. I was admitted to the hospital at 25 weeks pregnant due to COVID back in November 2021. I cannot go into much detail because I do not remember anything upon my arrival. I was told I was put in a medically induced coma and had many procedures done, such as a tracheostomy and C-section at 30 weeks all while on ECMO (life support). Yes, this was very risky. During this time, Hannah would come see me. I was not aware until I started waking up - a true miracle!

I have memories of her coming in with her bubbly and compassionate personality. She would come and show me photos of my daughter while I was in and out of sleep. I finally remember being awake and alert mid January 2022. I was so confused - I went to the hospital during Halloween time and had woken up in mid January. Hannah was one of the first people that I remember. She told me what had happened, but she made me feel calm. She would show me photos of my baby and even taped them to the wall for me to see, since I could not move. Every day I would wake up and I would see those photos.

She brought me a blanket which made it feel more like home, along with coloring books and colors. She said I could practice movements in my hands by coloring. She was the highlight of my hospital stay! I would wait eagerly for her visit just so we could chat - well, what she could understand with my hand motions because I still could not talk because of the trach.

Soon February came, and I was starting to get better. I was starting to walk again, I was capped which meant I could talk, so now I was able to have a formal conversation with her. Hannah was there during my scary procedures, such as my wound cleanings and the removal of my trach! She was there when I was finally able to meet my baby at the age of 2 months, which was such an emotional time.

She really was a blessing in our lives. I told her, you are going to be my friend after I go home! And sure enough, we have still kept in touch. I am forever thankful for Hannah, she helped me fight and keep pushing myself so I could get better to a point where I could go home with my family.

Thank you Hannah for everything you did for me and my family. I wish I could write pages and pages of everything you did for each one of us, my husband, my children, and me.


If you are going through a hard time and need help and comfort, please reach out to Hannah, she is truly a helping hand. You are not alone"


"I worked with Hannah in the clinical setting for nearly five years before seeing the dream of Haven Coping come to life. As a new child life professional several years ago, Hannah took me under her wing and taught me about compassionate patient and family-centered care. She is personable, caring, relational, and an excellent listener – she has a way about her that allows people to feel safe and open no matter the circumstance. I have seen her help families through truly the hardest of life moments, and serve as a strong and passionate advocate for the benefit of others time and time again. Hannah has an ultimate servant’s heart, provides non-judgmental personalized care, and seeks to help anyone facing unique life circumstances. So much of what I know about providing quality care is because of her mentorship to me, and I would recommend her a million times over to anyone seeking help for a challenging event."

Jennifer, MA, CCLS

Holding hands

"Hannah has an amazing ability to walk into a room and make everyone feel as if she has been their best friend for years. She listens to truly understand, and then is able to work with each patient, breaking down barriers and truly getting to the root of a problem.

What seems like a mountain at first, can become a molehill with Hannah by your side. Hannah's guidance is what made me the nurse I am today. In my personal or professional struggles, I know I can always count on Hannah for resources, a shoulder to cry on, a new perspective, and to be my light at the end of the tunnel. Hannah doesn't shy away from hard work. She places no judgment, is humble, trustworthy, and her passion to serve others is truly one of a kind. She is the best child life specialist to have in your corner, and I would recommend Hannah before all others in your most difficult time."

Jessica, Family Support Specialist 

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