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What is an appropriate referral for Haven Coping?

New Diagnosis in a Child or Parent

Haven Coping will provide education, interventions, activities and play that consider development, age, interests and family/social situation to promote normalization, coping and adjustment to this huge life change.

Chronic Illness in a Child or Parent

Haven Coping will focus on emotional expression, non-pharmacological pain/symptom management, grief, and the impact chronic illness can have on activities of daily living, family life and social dynamics.

Accidents or Traumatic Events

A traumatic event such as a car accident, a burn, an ER visit, a big fall/broken bone, or a short- or long-term hospitalization can lead to debilitating anxiety/fear. Haven Coping can utilize developmentally appropriate interventions, language and play to help the child process, digest and explore the experience to reduce anxiety, promote understanding and instill coping skills.

Sibling Rivalry

With healthcare events and diagnoses come significant concerns from siblings - whether it be misconceptions about the patient's condition or jealousy over "unfair" attention and one-on-one time between parent and patient, these emotions are completely normal, and the CCLS can work both independently with siblings & with whole family system to address these misconceptions and big feelings.

Terminal Illness in Child, Parent, Loved One

Whether in a child or a parent/loved one, a terminal diagnosis can completely devastate a family. Haven Coping can help a terminally ill child understand, prepare for, and find meaning in their life & death. Haven Coping can also help children understand their parent's terminal illness, and facilitate several memory-making and legacy building interventions to help promote coping. Haven Coping can serve as an emotional and psychosocial support person throughout this process.

School Visits

It is critical for children's emotional and social development to be active in school, and Haven Coping would recommend children maintain as normal a routine/schedule as possible, regardless of the health concerns the child is facing. That being said, a child life specialist visiting a patient's classroom to educate the class on the child's situation (i.e. the appearance after a burn, having no hair due to chemo, why the patient doesn't have to follow certain rules the other students do, etc.) can be incredibly helpful to make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible.

Substance Use Disorders in Parents or Teens

Substance use disorders touch many families in various ways. Haven Coping has extensive experience in supporting family systems that have a family member dealing with a substance use disorder. Haven Coping can help children understand the disease of addiction, and help support families enduring transitions, stress and change due to the SUDs impact on the family system. 

Preparation for Hospitalization, Procedures, Treatment Plans for Children

Known stress is better than unknown stress - and knowing what to expect can reduce a child's anxiety about doctor's appointments and treatments. Utilizing medical play and walking a child through exactly what will occur during different treatments is a key intervention for Haven Coping and child life specialists. 

Not Sure if a Referral is Appropriate?

Haven Coping is an approachable practice. If you feel that you have a patient or family who would benefit from either a child life specialist or an end of life doula, please do not hesitate to reach out to Haven Coping to discuss the case. If the referral is not appropriate for Haven, Haven Coping can discuss other support services that might be helpful to the family.

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