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Haven Coping knows that each family, and each situation, is unique.

Book your free consultation to learn more about how Haven Coping can meet you where you are and individualize a plan to best support your family.

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Child Life Specialist Services

Child life specialists are clinically trained healthcare professionals that specialize in reducing anxiety, fear, and misconceptions surrounding illness, injury, and traumatic events.

Learn more about the child life profession here.

By building safe, trusting and therapeutic relationships, Haven Coping is able to help your family through:​

  • Facilitating discussions around diagnosis, treatment plans and healthcare experiences using language your family can understand.

  • Normalizing the healthcare experience through therapeutic play and emotional expression interventions.

  • Instilling healthy coping skills and promoting self-care behaviors. 

  • Strengthening the family unit with a combination of parent, child and family sessions. 

  • Creating a safe environment to have those hard conversations. 

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End-of-Life Doula Services

Haven Coping specializes in supporting children & family units when facing end-of-life - whether the child is a family member to the patient, or the patient themself.

 Haven Coping provides non-medical, non-judgmental support that prioritizes family-centered care and serves as one member of a larger team that holistically supports a patient at end-of-life. 

Learn more about End-of-Life Doulas here

How can an End-of-Life Doula support you?

  • Providing comfort, presence and companionship to the patient and family. Approaching end-of-life is accompanied by a wide variety of emotions, and your doula is here to support you and your loved ones through them all. 

  • Empowering & advocating for the patient; ensuring your needs, wishes and desires are heard, respected and met.

  • Logistical/organizational support, guidance and information sharing amongst your community.

  • Legacy building projects; reflecting on your life and creating tangible keepsakes for your loved ones. 

Haven Coping is honored to walk with you on this journey. 

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Haven Coping abides by the Association of
Child Life Professional's (ACLP) Code of Ethics.

Haven Coping stands by the Association of Child Life Professional's (ACLP) statement on child life practice in community settings.

Haven Coping is NEDA proficient, and follows the National End of Life Doula Alliance Scope of Practice.

Review theAmerican Academy of Pediatrics Statement on Child Life Services.

ACLP Value Proposition Statement: Direct & Downstream Optimization of Pediatric Patient and Family Outcomes.

Child Life Specialist Services
End of Life Doula Services
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